Sunday, March 13, 2011

If I could

If one morning I'd wake up and I could decide what I want
I'd want to have super powers
That kind of power where I can do whatever I want at the snap of my fingers
And then I'd travel through time
Maybe I'll go back to the past or go and see the future
I want to go back to the time I was a child
Carefree, full of dreams, the whole world in her eyes
I want to go back to those times spent with my father
I would savor each moment coz I know later it won't last
I would play for as long as I can with my playmates
Coz they will become grown ups before I notice it and it will be their kids they're gonna play with
I want to go back to school
To kindergarten, grade school and high school where I met my "bestest" friends
I'd speak with each of my classmates, know them better
I wanna go back to college too
I'd probably enroll in my dream university and take up a different course
And before I knew it, I'm starting to live the world I used to see in my eyes
I'd become a part of it
Every turn of every minute, every night and day
The world revolves and I revolve with it
I watch every day unfolds just like yesterday
I'll live my dreams, trying to make it happen
Challenged, at times confused but struggled to make it through
I'll keep the faith, that fire burning
For I know someday everything will make sense
If I had that super power, I'd fly to the future
Fast forward through time
And see if everything I did now is all worth the fuzz.


Ratz said...

WOW Jan. You know dreams are all we have- everything else goes away. I am sure that you are on the right track where ever it is that you want to go and be. All the best.

Gnetch said...

If superpowers exist, I would choose the powers of the Charmed ones. But being able to travel through time would be awesome as well. I'd like to redo some stuff and undo others.

Beautiful post.

Sey said...

If I could then I would too. That power of travelling back in time is great to correct past mistakes.


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