Thursday, March 17, 2011

Man's bestest friend

The moment I saw this headline on Yahoo News, I knew I shouldn't watch this coz it will break my heart. But then curiosity and love for dogs got the better of me.

Here's the video, courtesy of youtube and yahoo news, I'm talking about.

"It's a universal truth that dogs are man's best friend, but they're pretty darn loyal to their own as well. Case in point: this tear-inducing video, via the website Jezebel, showing a dog, shivering and disoriented, remaining loyally by the side of a stricken fellow canine amid the devastation of the Japanese tsunami. "

-Source : Yahoo News

I fought back the tears.

This is one of the reasons why I love dogs and I have so much sympathy for them. They're loyal and they're capable of standing beside you when you're in trouble. They give lasting friendship and sacrifices. That. Is. Beyond. Me.


Ratz said...

Dogs are indeed amazing.

Sey said...

Yup, I remember my dog beauty who did never left us even Mt. Pinatubo erupted way back year 1991. I so love her. I feel so bad she's gone. I hear you Jan.

~Rachel~ said...

Dogs are so loyal...what would we do with out them?

Gnetch said...

Awwww... This is touching.


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