Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some Thoughts on Writing

Not only once did I profess my passion for writing. It has become my venue for letting out my frustrations, the sadness, happiness and everything in between. It made me become articulate on the things I struggle to impart. Writing for me, has always been easy like breathing. It's a way of life. But ask me if I ever dreamed of becoming a writer. I would give a straight NO for an answer. 

Most people who indulge in writing often aspire or see themselves as professional writers. Others dream of publishing their own book. Or write a column in a magazine. I always have tremendous laud for these people. A writer isn't just a noble profession. It is sacred.

A priest once said in his homily that there are 3 ways to leave a legacy in this world. First, you've got to have kids. Second, plant a tree. And third, write a book. I wondered if I would qualify for that. I mean, I don't have kids - yet, but I have planted trees and been able to keep this journal for a year. But seriously, does that give me the right to call myself a writer? Does that warrant me the spotlight should I choose to heed on that direction? Do I have that gift to influence others and touch their lives? That fact remains at large.

A recent opportunity humbled me and had me mulling over the past days. Our company is relaunching the newsletter next month. I was astonished to find my name as part of the elite editorial circle. Honestly, I don't know how I ended up being on the list, but maybe the essay I wrote two years ago paved the way. I was thrilled and anxious with the news. Thrilled because I will cater a bigger audience. Thrilled by the fact that aside from blogging, I will explore a different perspective and a new path. I couldn't be more ecstatic! But I'm anxious. Anxious because it seemed such a huge responsibility. A chip on the shoulder. I'm anxious by the looming commitment ahead which is entirely on top of my regular job. The expectations, the series of brainstorming, interviews, proofreading and deadlines. Argh.. they're running through my head right now.

I'm deeply honored and grateful for the opportunity. Late last year I was appointed to lead the Scrabble Club which is a great achievement for me since I'm a certified scrabble enthusiast. And now, this! I'm thankful for the management's confidence and trust on my knack for writing. As far as "feeling the pressure" is concerned, well, yes I am.

Love to write and writing well are two worlds apart. What if I'm not able to convey the right words, the exact details, the focal point of the article? I've had contributions on school paper befere but that was like eons ago. I totally forgot how it's like. Article writing isn't quite the same as blogging. In blogging, I do my own rules and the scopes are usually subjective. With this new challenge, I shall learn to be straighforward, objective and oh, no cursing this time.

Though sometimes I feel like I'm a commitment-phobic, I do my best to gear up for the challenges that come my way. What better way to start a year than taking writing to a higher level? I may not trust myself fully on this. I may not be that confident. I may not be able to pull it off. But one thing is certain, one thing would remain constant, and that I'm sure - I'll always go after writing whenever there's an opportunity, whatever it takes.

Cheers to writing!



~Rachel~ said...

Congrats on being part of the elite editorial circle!! That is awesome Jan!!!!

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

wow.. ur great. Congrats!

Ratz said...

Amen to that Jan. Cheers to writing. I can understand when you say that you never considered writing as a profession. Seriously not one human being other than my sister recognised that i could write before i started with my blog. Now, i am in flow and yet my real life friends would not trust me enough to call me a writer. However, I find that someday we might just end up writing... who knows. So till then, grab the opportunity that is coming your way as you said and rock on!


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