Monday, January 24, 2011

My Friends and their Diabolical Plan

I don't know if I should be grateful for having a bunch of supportive friends coz sometimes they feel like a curse. I'm talking about my friends at work. Actually they're kind, cheerful and trustworthy. But they also have a dark side (exaggeration) and I'm often the victim of their wicked, viscious plans (puppy eyes). I guess they really love me like that.

Anyway, since it's almost February, our HR announced that we will be having a 2-week Valentine celebration starting next week. Cool, right? No. Not anymore when I found out they are up to something.

Our HR came up with "Battle of the Singles" game. Here's how it goes : All names of single ladies (which I am one) and men will be posted. On the first round everyone will cast a vote who they want to eliminate. The top 2 ladies and top 2 men who have the least votes to elimate will qualify for the next round. In the next round, employees will vote who they want to win. They will drop one peso (Php1.00) in the ballot box whenever they cast a vote. Whoever accumulates the highest sum of money goes on a date, with of course the money they've accumulated as the prize.

I can't believe I just explained the rules.

After the announcement, the three of them looked at each other, eyes sparkling, smiling scornfully. And I knew then they were up to something. I could actually smell it.

Their target? ME!!! Who else would be a better prey?

Their diabolical plan : For me to win that date!

Pathetic. I know!

Before I'm gonna divulge their strategy, you might wonder "what's in it for me?". If you have read my previous post you would know about Mr. Someone, right? Right. Mr. Someone-is-a-colleague-who-happens-to-be-my-partner-in-that-fashion-show-which-I-refused-to-join-at-first-but-my-sinister-friends-forced-me-to-and-now-I-don't-know-if-I-should-thank-them-coz-you-know... arrggghhh!!! fill in the blanks coz it's going to be another post.

During our lunch break at the cafeteria they were campaigning to everyone and I mean everyone inside the cafeteria. They're making rounds on all tables, telling everyone they meet at the hallway or wherever to vote for me and Mr. Someone! They are that crazy.

I know I shouldn't bother coz it's just a little thing and I would look so childish if I'd let the teasing get into my  nerves BUT SERIOUSLY IT BOTHERS ME. I just don't like being exposed or put myself into the limelight. It feels like "showbiz" and I hate that. Not just my kind of thing. I'm the type who doesn't crave much for public attention.

And speaking of public attention, my friends are on their feet and they're serious about getting the voting public. They're devising a poster with our picture on it and they're going to post it in the bulletin boards. Whoooaahh!!! This is NOT so cool. I should do something to thwart their plan but it seems my tactics won't work. I tried bribing, treating them to dinner and booze but I get snubbed. Grrrr....! They are ridiculously serious. Or aren't they? Maybe I should start beating them until their bones crack... But 3 against 1? Nah! I won't stand a chance.

So let's just wait and see what will happen on Valentines Day. Before we went back to work I heard them talking about shelling out some cash just to make sure we'll bag the highest sum of money. Damn! This doesn't look so good. Tsk...tsk...tsk....


Gnetch said...

You, girl, SHOULD totally win that date!!! :p

Sweta said...

Eyes Sparkling.Bwahahaha,I agree with Gnetch.YOU.Totally.Should. :P

However if you hate being paraded like a fair horse,you should put your foot down.But.It's fun! :)heehee

Sey said...

Your HR is such a genius Jan, not with the plan of having a date for you but for their game strategy. haha!

You definitely should win that date game.

Question???? Can I go there and Vote for you as well, or might as well I'll Join the game????? hahahaha!

Ratz said...

You know Jan, you should totally enjoy this attention. Trust me, it stays this high only so long... Bask in its glory sister... bask in its glory while the sun shines...


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