Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please Rain, I already have issues. Don't add to it.

There's no doubt about it... Rainy days are here!!! Well, looks like I'm going to miss Mr. Sunny for a couple more months, or a month if I'm lucky. It's no secret that I have more affection to Mr. Sunny but he's out there hiding beneath the gloomy clouds. It's alright though, I'll have plenty and more of him when summer comes.

So the rain doesn't have plans to stop anytime soon. Doesn't it ever get tired from pouring all day and night? I missed Sinulog because of it! Errr... I decided against going to the streets and watch the street dance because : (a.) it's unbelievably crowded. (b.) the long walks! damn. haven't I learned my lesson? if I'm going to sum up how far I have walked, it will translate into miles. that far! (c.) i figured i'm going to walk my way home (like last year). yeah! the roads were blocked and streets were jump packed. you've got no choice but to walk. (d.) crappy weather.

       this is me striking a pose with one of the hundreds of contingents for the sinulog street dance. (taken last jan. 2010)

Actually, I can manage the crowd and the long walks. When you see people dancing in the street in their colorful costumes, it gives you a boost of excitement and you'll forget how tired you are. Oh and not to mention the stinky smell of some people around you. But the crappy weather? No! I've had enough. Last year we were soaking wet and our toes were draped with dirt. Besides, my partners in crime don't think it is a good idea for us to be out there so we just settled.

I missed a yearly event because of you RAIN! Don't tell me you will not let me enjoy my trip next week. Come on! Have a little mercy on the poor girl...

Okay. I'm going to compromise and make a promise that I'll stop cursing you and I will no longer write rant posts about you in this blog. Now do we have a deal? I'm fucking serious here! Just take a break and let Mr. Sunny fill your absence okay? A week without you is just what I need. Please! I'm dealing with lots of issues in my life today and you don't want to be part of it, do you? Thanks.


Gnetch said...

OMG! I've always wanted to see the Sinulog Festival!! I missed it. Again!!!

I heard on TV, this is the first time in years that it rained during Sinulog. That's too bad.


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