Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello Sunshine!

I woke up this morning with sluggishness on my feet. My watching of movies late at night is starting to cause me trouble getting up. Then I noticed a faint band of light coming from the outside trying to get  into the window pane. I gasp. For almost two weeks  now I haven't seen the mighty sun. If it's not raining whole day, the sky is gloomy, dark and covered with angry clouds threatening to drench me with the heavy rain. 

I don't hate the rain, nor do I love it. It just fills me with disgust when it dirts my favorite shoes with mud. When I have difficulty hailing a cab because it's all occupied and I'm soaking wet. When it leaves catasthrophe and so much misery.

Despite my less fascination of the rain I long for it on hot summer nights where the sound of raindrops make sleep more inviting. When it wipes my tears and hides me from crying. When I needed a good excuse to just stay home, sit in front of the TV and sip my coffee.

Well rain, you're overstaying. I missed the sun already. For two weeks your presence is dominating and I've seen you poured your wrath in different parts of the world. So imagine my surprise when the sun finally showed up this morning. I've always loved the sun. It warms my heart and makes me smile. It lightens me up when I'm having a rough day. 

Hello there sunshine! I hope you'll stay throughout the day, tomorrow, the next day and the day after next. Damn! Can't wait for summer to come...


~Rachel~ said...

Rain and mud are horrible on cute shoes!! I feel your pain as right now I have about a foot of snow where I live.

Isn't it funny (and cool) how a little thing like sunshine can lift your spirits?

Gnetch said...

Ow, it sucks that it's been raining there for two weeks. Over here, it has just been cold. With a bit of drizzle but no rain. And I'm not too excited for the summer. It's hot as hell here when it's summer.

Uhm... Not that I've been to hell. Hehe.


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