Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lifestyle Change

I always believe in the adage that "Health is wealth". I'm not a  health conscious myself but I always try my best to eat the right kind and amount of food. When it comes to taking regular exercise, I'm a bummer. So if you're looking for a gym buddy or a marathon partner, look somewhere else!

Last Sunday while I was volunteering for the free clinic, my colleague and I submitted ourselves to a cholesterol test. I really don't intend to at first but since it was for free and convenient for us (we don't need to go to a hospital) so I considered the idea.

The nurse took a few blood samples after pricking and squeezing my middle finger. They were using a digital device, so the result was up in 2 minutes. When she revealed my cholesterol level I was flabbergasted. It's 242. I.CANT.BELIEVE.IT.OH.MY.GOD. The normal level is 200. I reasoned that I did not fast and I had just taken my lunch so maybe that's the reason why the result went nuts. But lo and behold.... they told me the normal level for those who did not fast is 230, which means, mine was still beyond normal.

I'm aware about the implications of having high blood cholesterol in your body. It can increase your chances of having a heart disease and nooooooo I don't want to suffer from heart attack (knock on wood). With that in mind, I need to modify my lifestyle.

First, I enrolled back in gym class last monday. In case you didn't know, I enrolled in aerobics and PRT class last March (more on that here). I was battling with my weight gain issue for more than a year and only last March did I decided to take on my last resort - gym! For 3 months I endured the breath-catching, one-hour daily aerobics session and the gruelling bench press and sit-ups. I worked out so hard and forcibly shut off my lazy alter ego. My goal was to get back to my ideal weight. I started with 121 lbs., and by the time I quit I was 110lbs. I would have wanted to continue it for the rest of my life and eventually claim the figure and waistline I used to have (before everything else in my body started expanding), but I got tired and I was already happy with the changes. And now I have another reason why I need to increase my physical activity. I have to do this for myself. So hello gym! I'm back!

Next, diet. Uhhmm.. what's that again? Alright. I don't diet. Even before when I was gaining and gaining weight. I just love to eat. But when I started going to the gym, I learned the art of "moderation". I'd still eat everything - but in moderation.

Fruits, veggies, fish and going easy on meat is my goal. I also need to increase my fiber intake and to stay away from fatty and processed foods. From now on, goodbye seafoods. Goodbye pastries, desserts, ice cream, pizza and chocolate bars. Goodbye bacon, hotdog, ham, corned beef and egg. No, wait! JUST SHOOT ME!!!!

Why does a delicious meal has a price to pay?

Anyway, I'm planning to run another test on my cholesterol level next week. And this time I'm gonna follow the basic procedure, that is, to fast for 9-12 hours prior to the test. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid but I just wanted to be sure coz I felt that the result from last time wasn't that accurate. Seems this lifestyle change is not going to be easy on me (sigh).


Ratz said...

Oh Gosh. Jan take care sweety. Allthe best with the goal. I hope you get it clear the next time you go for the test

Gnetch said...

You can do it. Health is wealth!!


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