Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Halloween treat like no other!

This post is 3 days late, I know. I was on vacation and the last thing I wanna do is face the computer. Anyhoo, how was your halloween? Me, I had fun! I was enjoying trick or treat here and there.

Trick or treat is something we Filipinos don't usually do. I never went to any Halloween parties growing up. I was never in fancy, scary costumes walking around begging for treats. Trick or treat was so foreign to me back when halloween was all about mumbling prayers and offering food to our departed loved ones. I remember hopping from cemetery to cemetery visiting our dead relatives bringing flowers and lighting candles for them. Some would build a kiosk near the grave, bring in food and drinks, stay there for the whole day and have a party-like atmosphere. Halloween was always like that. No costume parties. No trick or treats. We just celebrate it in an unconventional way that only us can understand.

Now that we have adopted this foreign tradition, halloween has never been exciting! We always make it a point to feel the halloween spirit by transforming our offices into something creepy. Then we will dress up in scary costumes doing rounds inside the building for the trick or treat. My throat went sore after eating all the candies I gathered hahahaha! Serves me right.

This year probably is the most fabulous halloween I've ever had because I get to spend it in Boracay. It was indeed a treat! Except that the rain was such a kill joy. Damn you rain! Told you not to be a badass but you still did. You poured more than 3 times that night and we were so soaked and wet. Yet, that didn't stop us from enjoying the night. Aside from beautiful beaches, Boracay is known for its feisty nightlife.

Roaming around the island I saw a lot of people dressed in scary costumes. I would stop to take pictures at them if I find them awesome, cool, and of course, scary.

Saw this child while walking around d'mall. She still look adorable despite the make-up.

While looking for some place to dine, we came across with this white lady.

Uhmm... can you help him find his head?

I just think they're gorgeous...! Like a royal family or something...?

WARNING : This place is haunted!

This witch is an adrenaline junkie. She was doing the zipline and we asked her to stop for awhile to have our pics taken.

I happen to pass by a fire dance party.

Yah right, the picture sucks! But I swear, they're so amazing. I just couldn't get a better angle because of the crowd.

I was hoping to catch some local celebrities but I guess it's not my lucky night. We were having so much fun and by the time we went back to the resort we were dead tired.


Ratz said...

WHoo hoo... you had a great time didn't you!!

~Rachel~ said...

It looks like you had a fantastic time Jan!!! I'm glad you got a little vacation.

Gnetch said...

Bora!! I've never been to Boracay! Looks like you had fun! :)


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