Monday, November 29, 2010

I swear, Vanity Kills!

Remember a time when you just want to look chic and fab? And you thought that a kick-ass high heel shoes would be the answer? Well, guess what?! Been there!

I met up with a college friend at the mall last week. After having dinner and coffee we both decided it's time to head home. But I don't wanna go home yet. So I killed the time wandering around, window shopping. I passed through a shoe boutique and saw a pair of stiletto.

I must have fallen in love with it's simplicity and the obvious 4-inch heels. Actually, I have a weird fetish for shoes. Whenever I go on movies or watch TV, I always check out celeb's footwear and I would gasps "Oh my.... her shoes!" then the person next to me rolls her eyes.

So. It's been long since the last time I wore stiletto. The only towering footwear I kept on wearing is my much-loved wedge. Given the nature of my job where sometimes we run errands around the building, wearing stilettos and crawling under the table fixing wires doesn't match. But I figured this will become handy on several ocassions and would go easily on any dress, so I shed some cash.

Excited! I wore it Friday morning for work and I thought life would be easy. I was wrong! The design doesn't suit me. I'm having a hard time walking around with it. Either I seemed like a tot trying to have his baby steps OR I look like an amateur model working up on her glide. That I need to concentrate on my walking more than I ever did while writing this blog. And the worst part? I have to walk down half a block just to get a cab. My toes were aching and I was profusely sweating when I arrived at the office. Damn! This is what I get for being so vain.

Later that afternoon, my colleague asked me to hang out and have dinner. We went around looking for some place to eat when my feet began to sore. I went home immediately, or should I say, I hobbled my way home. Needless to say, I did not enjoy the night and I have blisters to prove that it was indeed horrible.

Anyway, the cold cream was a lot of help...

'Til my next shoe disaster story!


~Rachel~ said...

I feel your pain girl! Heels are fabulous but they can also be a pain! A pair that is stylish & comfy is sometimes hard to find.

Gnetch said...

I love wearing high heels!! And yes, I have some shoes that are too painful to use but I use them anyway. You know it. It's vanity. :)

janjan said...

Rachel - I agree. and those comfy and stylish shoes are often expensive.

Gnetch - Hah! and I thought I'm alone on this one. I can endure the pain for vanity's sake. :)


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