Thursday, December 2, 2010

All I want for Christmas... I know it sounds like a cliche but I still want it!

I was suppose to dish out my christmas wishlist here on my blog but I don't wanna sound "worldly" and all so I'll try to keep it to myself. But if you must insist, I'll be forced to write another post for that, with the condition that you will grant one of it. Deal? No, I'm just kidding.

I don't make christmas wishlist at all. When there's something I want, I'd buy it (given that I can afford it. but if not, maybe I can save up for that or wait 'til someone gives it to me which do happen "sometimes". Thank God for Santa Claus). And speaking of Santa Claus, do you know that I really believed in Santa when I was a child? I mean, really! As in I really thought he was real. That he goes out on christmas eve giving gifts. I used to hang a stocking by the window and excitedly wake up in the morning to see if the stocking were filled with gifts from Santa. I know most children believed in this story, but it was more than just a story to me. I believed it with all my heart.

It was not until I was 10 years old when I realized that my parents were Santa Claus. And I was like "yeah right!". My playmates were right all along : Santa does not exist in reality. And I fought for my belief. I fought whenever 'Santa = Parents' argument is raised.

So maybe that's the reason why I don't make christmas wishlist anymore. Reality has taught me something.

But this time, I wanna be a kid again. I wanna re-live those times when I would fervently utter my prayers hoping Santa would hear them and would give me those gifts. Those times when I forced not to close my eyes coz I want a sneak peak of Santa in flesh! Those times when you don't have to work harder just to get the things you wanted.

Here are the things I want for christmas :

First, I've been itching for this small wonder since the start of the year.

                                            x-mini capsule speaker

And I should have the pink one.

Secondly, what better way to pump up an x-mini? i-pod touch. Yes. I want that i-pod touch. No, don't tell me I should get an i-pad coz it's cooler. I don't think carrying a seemingly huge calculator-like is technically aesthetic. I'm just saying.

Next, I want an endless supply of Vitamin C. If colds are hunters, I'm their easy target. I get colds often like a woman does with menstruation. It has been the constant reason of my absences coz when I have colds I'll have fever and cough too. And the problem with me is that I don't take vitamins. That is why I'm making this as my advance new year's resolution : to be cold-free, or if I can't help it, at least it's not going to be every month.

Next, I wish I can get more promo airline tickets for my travel syndrome.

I also wish airfares will go down a bit so that I can still afford even if there are no promos available. See Santa? I'm begging here. Or you could lend me Rudolph.

And last but definitely not the least.... tan tada dan......

I wish my bloggy friends will not get tired of giving me blog awards like this one from Gnetch.

Thank you so much Gnetch!!!!!


Gnetch said...

You are welcome!!

And unlimited airline promo tickets would be the best. I would want that too, if there is such a thing. :)

Blogger said...

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