Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where were you when I needed you?

There was once a time in my life that I wanted to have you. It was when most of the people I know were having your unwanted presence. Though I really don't want you that badly, at least I thought you'll make up a good excuse for not coming to work. Ah, those times when work was so exhausting, demanding, and beating deadlines seems almost like fire fighting. Those times when I wanted to take a short rest, but getting a vacation is like hailing a cab under the pouring rain.

So I conceded the idea.

I'm not meant to have you.

For that time being, maybe.

Halloween's coming over. I'm quite excited! It's gonna be FOUR days off work. Perfect time to have a vacay. Just what I needed, wanted, and been craving for for the past weeks. My friends and I are off to that famous island. Everything has been booked -  resort, tickets. We already made plans of where to go, places to check out, food and drinks to try out and what to do in the next 3 days that we're staying there. We are really excited. Just 5 days more!


When I woke up this morning, I felt my eyes heavy. My eyelids are getting crusty and I could barely open them. It felt like there are grains of sand inside it and it was slightly painful when I caught the streams of morning light by the window. And that's when it hit me. I know what this is!

I jolt out of bed and faced the mirror. There you are! Why now? Why ONLY now? I don't want you right now. Not this time!


SORE EYES!!!!!!!

Go away!!!!! I can't get on the plane with you. Grrrrrrr........


MiDniGHt DriVer said...

aW... kakatapos ko lang yan.. kaasar yan, ang sakit...

Goodluck and Get well soon :)

Ratz said...

sore eyes dude, seriously. you couldn't have thought for a minute. let the girl enjoy.

Gnetch said...

Aw, Jan! Please donate some sore eyes to me!! I need time off work! We don't have a Halloween vacation!!

Okay, seriously, hope you get better soon.

Nikita said...

Ugh!!! What terrible timing!!!!

Loved your new template by the way.. :)

janjan said...

MD - salamat! :) buti na lang hindi xa masyadong masakit pero ayoko pa rin nitooooooo!

Ratz - i'm praying this will go away before the weekend.

Gnetch - hahaha! those who wants vacation wants sore eyes. but when you have it, you'll wish you never have. hmmm...the irony of life.

janjan said...

Nikita - yah but I still have ample time to heal it. (crossing fingers). thanks for loving my new template.

seotrollverse said...

hahaha lol.. so funny. heh3 sorry ha if ntawa ako.,. Thank God there's no sore eyes here. Ma virginan nya ako mata na patay..



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