Saturday, October 9, 2010

thought it was gonna be romantic... i should have stayed home instead

The badass asian, Gnetch, invited all her followers to participate in this meme :

I decided to join the fun. So here I am.

The rules are simple. By the end of this post, I'm gonna ask you guys if you wish to participate. Should you will, I'm gonna send you a question and make a post about your answer. I'm going to recommend a blog, which you haven't followed yet, for you to read. Then invite your readers too.

That simple!

Now, on to the game...

Gnetch recommended Sweta's blog, The Disappearing Caravan, which I absolutely liked.

And the million dollar question ... ???

"What's the worst date you've ever been?"


I've been trying to remember for days of the worst date I've ever been. I don't go on dates quite often so I was having a hard time contemplating if this story is worth sharing, OR ... if it would pass the category.

Let me tell you the story anyway.

It was Valentines day in the year 2006. My then boyfriend and I went on our very first valentines date. We were both excited that we forgot to book on a restaurant. You know how it is on Valentines Day. Couples and even non-couples swarm restaurants, theaters, parks, and malls. It's chaotic all over. But we still decided to dine at my favorite seafood restaurant, in the hope that there are still seats available.

We arrived at almost 7PM. As expected, the place was crowded with diners. NO SEATS AVAILABLE - that we were told. But we can wait. So we added ourselves on the lengthy waitlist.

Thus the long wait officially begun.

I thought it was just going to be 30-minutes or so. I stood, sat on the chair, paced back and forth, watched the diners silently as they slowly chewed their food, played with my phone for as long as my growling stomach could take. I was hungry and tired from work. The waiting area wasn't comfortable enough to distract me. HUNGRY and at the same time PISSED over the situation. The crew were starting to bring in tables and chairs placing them on any decent floor space they could make out. We could have settled in earlier but I refused when I saw that we'll be sitting near the alley and adjacent to the restrooms. Who wants to eat near the restrooms? Would you? I wasn't thinking about the "romantic" word anymore, I just want a "conducive" space and that means far, far away from the restroom.

We waited some more. We considered looking for another restaurant but the rain was starting to downpour outside. The walk to the parking lot and hopping from one restaurant to another would not compensate the fact that we have already wasted our time long enough just waiting for others to finish off.

Finally, for what seemed like eternity, dinner was served at almost 9PM. The food looked delish yet my appetite had long gone since we waited patiently on the line for 2 hours.

And I thought getting myself starve on a date is already worse! That's what I thought... Wait 'til you hear this :

Now it's pay time.

My boyfriend, errrr.... EX, left his wallet on the car. What the...???! So I ended up paying the bills. Ha! Shame on you!!!

End of story.

So guys, just tell me if you like to participate and I'll email you a question.

And.... just in case you're wondering what happened next, we broke up 2 months after.


Gnetch said...

The tagging is Tyla's idea. Awesome, right??

And I'm glad you liked Sweta.

That date was beyond bad luck!!! Did he pay you back at least? I mean, his wallet is just in the car. He should have given you your money back when you two got to his car.

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

Can i join here? :)

Sey said...

waiting in line for 2 hours????? what??? I would rather go home or eat somewhere though not romantic but at least I wouldn't starve hehehe! Hope he gave you your money back.

I think I wnt to participate. Email me the Question... so my unproductive mind will work out on something worthy.


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