Monday, October 18, 2010

Serendipity, is it?

This story isn’t mine.


She has a boyfriend from across the miles. They have kept it together for four years. Her family approves of him. He was the perfect choice for her. And their wedding is set two years from now.

She sees love as practical. She doesn’t believe in butterflies, in shooting stars, in speeding rockets. She knows nothing of magic, of white knight who sweeps you off your feet. No. She’s not a believer.

Then she met someone while traveling home. They talked for hours. Shared their interests and passions in life with each other. Exchanged numbers and e-mail addresses. Soon they found themselves constantly communicating and seeing each other as often as they could. Until their friendship blossomed into something else. Something the two of them cannot deny. Something she couldn’t fight off. Something she knew she had missed all her life.

Now she’s faced with a dilemma. It could have been easier if her family’s expectation doesn’t get in the way. If their years together don’t compel her to disregard her feelings for the one she truly loved. 

But she has to make a decision. A decision that will break someone else’s heart. A decision that will change her forever.


Funny how life loves to poke at my ego. This is one of those times when the common phrase “Life is unfair” becomes clearer to me. I just came from a “broken heart” and here’s my friend who’s having a difficult time choosing whom she should end up to. Hmmpp!

I was never into that kind of situation or anything closer to that. But if I am lucky (or maybe not) to face with that problem (would you consider that a problem? Seriously? If that’s the case, it’s the only problem that most women would like to have. Come on! Who doesn’t want multiple choice on their questionnaire?), I know what I’m gonna do.

First, I don’t let others dictate me on what to do or who should I be with. Coz if I do, I’m living their idea of what happiness is and not my own. I’m not saying that they don’t have a say in my personal affairs. They can meddle for as long as they want. They can voice their opinions and advices – I’d love that! I like hearing from them coz it shows how much they care for me. But in the end, I still call the shots. I will decide for myself and I will run my life the way I wanted it to be.

I always tell my friends to follow their heart. Cynics call it stupidity, but I call it bravery and being true to your self. There’s no guarantee you won’t cry in the end, but I guess it’s better to shed a tear on something you did happily. The number of years is just relative. I won’t bet my happiness and the relationship’s success on it.

Maybe I’m a fool for saying this. But what’s more foolish is when you deny yourself to something you’ve been waiting for. Whatever is real is worth fighting for. And you know it’s real when it’s hard to walk away from it.


Anonymous said...

I also believe in the saying "Follow your heart" because if you won't take a risk, you would just end up asking yourself a million times "what if?" right?

~Rachel~ said...

"First, I don’t let others dictate me on what to do or who should I be with. Coz if I do, I’m living their idea of what happiness is and not my own."
I love that...I totally 100% agree with you!

Sey said...

Life is really serendipitous. She shouldn't be denied with the happiness that she deserves. But before engaging to a different relationship, she should talk to the other guy first and when everything is settled then she could continue her life with the man she truly loves. (just my thought-haha!)

Gnetch said...

Like you, I don't let others dictate me. But I'm not the person who follows my heart. Or maybe I'm not that person "yet." I want to be that person. Seriously. But I'm just too guarded I guess to allow myself to fall head over heels.


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