Saturday, October 23, 2010

My new found addiction

No it's not drugs, alcohol or something health-deteriorating like that...

It's kind of an ART.

Ehem! I don't consider myself as someone who likes to indulge at something that requires superior manual dexterity. I was never good at it, but I learned that I can try and I'm enjoying it so far.

My new addiction? ORIGAMI.

That's it! The Japanese' art of making objects such as flowers, birds out of paper folding. My friend learned it from one of her ESL student. Saw her trying a couple of objects last night and I find it amazing. She's definitely a good teacher and I, on the other hand was a BRILLIANT (hahaha!) student. I learned through her impeccable patience.

So check this out.

It sure took me a lot of effort and "papers" before I've satisfactorily did it. Worth the try isn't it?


Ratz said...

They look good Jan.. i enjoy such things...

~Rachel~ said...

Your origami looks fantastic Jan!!!

Gnetch said...

Awesome! The only thing I can make out of paper are airplanes and boats. I know! Boo me!! :D


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