Monday, December 6, 2010

When they FIND WAYS to piss me off!

Dear BDO,

I hate to start my week ranting but you're absolutely trying my patience! 

First, I don't understand why you require all your internet banking users to change their passwords every 3 months. I know that is part of your security measures. Thanks! I get it. If you do the math, I get to change my password 4 times in a year, right? I was OK with that at first. But when I start running out of familiar password to use, IT WAS NO LONGER COOL. You see, I have 2 email accounts, 2 facebook, friendster, twitter, youtube, pinoyexchange, blogger, paypal etcetera.... I log on to 7 software applications in our company plus 6 administrative tools, and guess what? I'm using the same password for all of these. Coz you know why? Because it's hard to manage and memorize 25 different passwords at the same time.

Now with these frequent password change I ran out of new passwords that sound closer to my usual password. And the thing is you don't allow me to reuse my previous passwords, damn!

Earlier this year, I was locked out from the system. I tried the "forgot password" utility and when I fill in the 'mother's maiden name' field, the system won't accept my answer. Whaaaat???! So now I do not know what my mother's maiden name is? I'm pretty sure I filled in the correct data when I signed up. What the hell?!

I have to call customer service's hotline for that. And I hate calling customer service coz they keep me long on the line and they ask questions NBI-style. It was so tiring going through my personal info over and over.

I learned my lesson well coz after that 10-minute question and answer portion, I saved my new password on my cellphone. And I tend to do that every 3 months. Everytime you require me to change my password. Then lastweek, my forgetfulness got the best of me. I forgot to save my password and when I logged in - BLANK. I just can't remember. I tried guessing and I ended up being locked out. Again! For the second time.

So I clicked "forgot password" and somehow I was able to get through the gruelling question : mother's maiden name. But this isn't just my lucky day. There is more challenging, mind-boggling, unthinkable, inconceivable, bewildering question that I have yet to answer before I could reset my password.


Really, huh?! And since when did 'NOT APPLICABLE' become a question? Or when did it become a crucial part in changing password, huh?! Enlighten me please!!!!! Coz I don't understand and I don't know what's that suppose to mean or what should I put in there! Genius, BDO. Genius!!!!!!!!

You really stood up to your motto : "WE FIND WAYS" Yeah! You find ways to make our lives miserable! You find ways to piss me off! And I must say that you're actually good at it coz now I'm very much infuriated!

I need to gain access to my account. It's very important to me and convenient coz that is where I do all my payments. And it's been 2 hours since I sent you e-mail regarding that 'NOT APPLICABLE' field which you force me to fill-in which I absolutely have no idea about. But still I haven't gotten any word from you. So you really want me to make that call? Fine!!!! You really want to waste my time talking shit on the phone.

I wish your system will crash down and you will not be able to restore it for a year and you will lose all important transactions and all your clients will go after you and sue you! I.MEAN.IT.


Ratz said...

OMG! This is bloody serious. Not Applicable! What the... Seriously when did they start using that...

Gnetch said...

Hahaha! Did they actually expect that people have the answer to Not Applicable? WTF?

~Rachel~ said...

Ha! That is crazy. Sometimes it helps just to vent about it on your blog though...I've found it always makes me feel better anyway. :-)


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