Monday, December 27, 2010

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

Merry Christmas!!!!

I know, I know I'm 2 days late for that but I still want to greet you all a merry christmas just so you know that I am still, in fact, very much alive. I've been away from the blogosphere for the looongest time (3 weeks is long enough for me). I was busy. Yah it's a lame excuse but it's true. December has always been craaaazy for me, with lots of stuff to do and parties to attend to. So far, I've been to 5 christmas parties - and you know what that means : FORGET THE DIET. Anyway, it's alright. Christmas comes once in a year. And I've got plenty of time to get back in shape (if I'm not lazy enough to do it).

So. What are you guys up to this holiday season? Me, not much! I was more on tapping my spiritual side this year. I did mention on my previous post about the 9 dawn masses which we celebrate in anticipation of Christ's nativity and guess what???! I was able to complete it!!! 9 mornings of getting up early and going to church. Unbelievable!!!! For someone like me who hates waking up early, it was such an accomplishment. And I did make a wish. But I can't tell you yet. Not.Just.Now. Maybe one day when it happens you guys will be the first know.

Anyhoo, I went home to spend christmas with family. We spent christmas eve eating, eating and lots of eating. See, I'm serious about "getting back in shape". And I've got 2 weeks off work. Yay!!! That's what I look forward every december -our holiday break. 2 weeks of vacation is simply what I needed.

Since I don't get to spend much of my time at home, I lost contact with old friends. Some of them have settled to another place. So everytime I get home, I'm just stuck in our house doing nothing but watching TV, surfing the net, eating and sleeping. Whoaahh!! What a way to catch up with life. Well, I'm not complaining. This is the only time where I get to have a full rest without feeling guilty about it.

Anyway, I wish I could write interesting stories about my holiday vacation in my hometown but... there's not much to tell about. I'm stuck you know! Actually, my friend and I were planning an out of town trip to enchanted river but we canceled. I hope on my next trip back home I can visit some of the must-see places here and share it to you.


Ratz said...

WOW!! So much happenings! Looks like a fab Christmas! You will get back in shape! CHristmas comes once a year! EAT EAT EAT

Gnetch said...

Oh wow. I'm glad you got to rest this holiday. It's awesome!!

Belated Merry Christmas and may you have a super fun New Year!!

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