Monday, November 5, 2012

Escaping BTD (And because travel doesn't have to be expensive)

**** This is an oooooverdue post BECAUSE (I'm not going to make up an excuse here) I  AM LAZY.

BTD or Boredom To Death as what I call it.

Two weeks ago I was chillin' with my housemate when our conversation started turning towards how life can be so boring sometimes. How work can be soooooo consuming that it steals your personal time, makes you forget how to have fun and meet new people and friends (which, if you constantly do will eventually take you to the path of living alone for the rest of your darn life. Read : Becoming a spinster).

Of course that is not the way to go.

Absolutely not.

And so I realized I've been missing on something lately. I miss doing the very thing I love most about life...


It's been a year since the last time I hit the road. And by that I mean take a REAL trip. Suddenly I miss the beach, the sand, the sun (In this rainy season), the sea breeze, the crashing waves, the tranquility of the ocean, the kind of peace you find in a strange place...

Then it was instant.When I told my housemate that I wanna go some place quite where I can spend some time in the beach, she insisted that we go to Argao, in the Southern part of Cebu.

I've always prided myself as a planner. I never went on with my life without a plan, and which I always have a backup just in case the universe conspires against me.It was liberating when I immediately said "Yes" to her suggestion.

Not wasting any time we packed a few things, swung by a convenience store to buy water and some junkies, head off the bus station and jumped on the first bus to Argao.

Two hours later we found ourselves standing in front of the centuries old church of St. Michael, the Patron Saint of Argao.

St. Michael Church

The church was surrounded by equally old building that have weathered the test of times.

The old municipal building
my roomate sitting on a lonely bench fronting the old chapel
an entry leading to the beach

Talk about how the universe loves to ruin the "unplanned plan", it rained so heavy that we were almost soaking wet and shivering from cold. The good thing? We don't have a place to stay yet. The bad thing? We have to start looking for one before the wind dry us out in our clothes!

We found a comfortable place to stay at a very, very affordable rate at Luisa's Place.And the best of all our cabana is sitting on a beach front. How lovely!

view from our cabana just before sunrise

a fisherman sailing into the sunrise

the morning coffee ritual by the shore

this is how I see tranquility

A walk to remember :))))

By mid-day, we went to visit the Riverstone Castle. This midieval-inspired castle was designed by a Belgian architect and built in the early 2000.

I tried to pull out the "Free Parking" signage to not ruin my photo but it's just so heavy.

so this is me at the main door

the castle's facade and the two Armour guards

Rapunzel, Rapunzel... I can't climb up with your hair so short :))

the cozy restaurant

Let me in! Let me in!

the creepy wine cellar. I swear I had goosebumps here

wine cellar
I took a lot of photos but of course I can't place them all here.

So. If you like, visit my facebook page and.... just kidding!

Until my next spontaneous adventure! :)


Gnetch said...

One of things I'd really love to visit is Cebu, to be honest. Awesome pics!!!


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