Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seriously, me? No blogging since 2013???

I decided to pay a visit on my blog today. And... guest what? I realized I didn't blog for the last five months. Not even a single entry for this year.

Wait, did I just make a New Year's Resolution for blogging more often? Forget it. Resolutions are made to fool yourself that you'll do things you wanna do but the truth is you will absolutely forget about it.

Anyway, two weeks ago I attended a wedding. A beach wedding. My dream wedding actually, which I wasn't the bride. It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever witnessed. I'll try to post some pictures soon - but I'm afraid I didn't take a single pic because I was so stressed overwhelmed that day.

Did I mention I was the wedding coordinator? I didn't? Yeah, there's no way you guys would know because I totally abandoned this blog.

So yeah... the groom, who was a good friend of my boss, who became a good friend of mine too - asked me to help him sort things out for the wedding starting from the hotel accommodation of the entire 42 guests, to the charter plane that will take us all to the island, the pastor, the flower arrangement, venue set-up and decoration, food and entertainment, give-aways and all the hassles you could think of that contributed much to the stress I was in to.

Ten months of planning and hard work plus 300+++ e-mails from the groom. Way to go!
He lives in London and we were just e-mailing the whole planning thing until he arrived a week before the big day. Great!

But I was even surprised when I learned I pulled it off. That was my first time to organize such a big and important event. I was not into wedding planning and stuff ever! But I could say I did a very good job.

Now I have a fallback career haha!



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