Friday, October 12, 2012

Road to MBA

It was not so long ago when I found myself sitting on the four corners of the room along with other 19 hopeful MBA students. The four corners became my haven and, whether I like it or not, the-place-to-be every Saturday for the next 16 months of my humdrum life.

It was exciting but sometimes boring. Could be sometimes easy but most of the time difficult while cracking your brains, strapping you down in the chair for the next three solid hours. It was fun, tedious, creative, informative, self-sacrificing, nerve-wracking, sleep-depriving and humbling experience for me.

That's how I would describe it.

But of course that doesn't include how stressful it was when we took the comprehensive exam for two days and the oral revalida that would make me shrink in jittery at the mere sight of the five panelists. The best part is, we all emerged in the "torture chamber" smiling and joyous with the result.

The last part of the journey? Applying for graduation.

I can finally say that sleepless nights are finally over. It was tough but the end of the road is just as sweet... And I'm looking forward to the crisp smell of my diploma. :)


Gnetch said...

Aw, OMG congrats Jan! Does this mean more blogging? :)


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