Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Almost there

Thirteen months ago, I went up for a challenge. A decision I never thought I'd make myself into. Oh guys, nothing serious. I'm just talking about my decision to take up masters program.

Back then I never thought of going to school anytime soon. But when opportunity presented itself, I took a stab at it not knowing how far it will take me.

It was fun. Well, as it is always in  learning. But there was always this difficult times. Those times when I really wanted to turn my back and give up. Many times I asked myself why do I have to do this? I already have a job. I've got a promising career. This is not really necessary...

During the course of the program I learned so many things I didn't know all along. These learning did not come from textbook, but from my classmates, my colleagues who were generous enough to share what they have learned. The weekly interactions, group discussion and case studies paved the way for unfounded realization.

It is alright to be contented. But it's better not to be complacent. The corporate world is a chaotic, unstable, fast-changing place to dwell in. It is best to be armed and stay ahead of competition.

True enough sleepless can be over too. The last semester for the program will end next week. That means I'm all done with class presentations and powerpoints. Huh!

I could almost smell my diploma and the toga... But wait, the biggest challenge is yet to come - passing the comprehensive exam and revalida. This could be the toughest one. So books, internet, journals.. get ready!!! I'm digging on you one last time.



Gnetch said...

You can do it, Jan!!!! I'm sure!! :)


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