Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The "So" fad that is soooooooo annoying

I'm not gonna beat around the bush... Here's the case:

I have this classmate in MBA who constantly, abusively, excessively, overly and extremely uses the word "so". Like every sentence that comes out from his friggin' mouth should / has to start with : "So, ................."

I noticed it at the start of the semester when we had our individual reporting. And then I noticed there are actually two of them who have this chronic, annoying... can I call it behavior? I mean, I can't come up with a better word. "Impediment" would be too harsh.

Really guys. We should trade places. Try sitting on my chair while I stand in front and do your "so" behavior. Let's see if your ears won't bleed.

Come on! It's not like you can't use that word EVER, coz I use it too when (1) I'm trying to emphasize something, (2) what I'm about to say next is very important that you have to hang on to my every word, (3) when it's necessary.


Just SO you know, it's NOT a LINKING VERB. Why the heck you use it like this? :

"So I was on my way to school when I passed a bunch of bummers. So I stared at them trying to tell them hey what are you gonna do with your lives? But I know it's not a good idea So I forced my way to school. So when I get to the school building the class is about to start so I entered the room and sat on my chair. It was my turn to do the report so I stood up, gathered my report materials and made my way to the front. So I start to discuss my topic and I can't help say So, So, So at the start of every sentence. Maybe I'm not aware of that so forgive me.

So I didn't know that my classmate janjan is jotting down how many times I uttered the word so. So this girl is really a bitch. So who the hell she think she is? She's not perfect either!

So for every 10 minutes, I use the word so in my sentences 55 times. So??? Does that bother you? If it does, then don't listen to my report. Let's see if you will pass the subject...

So normally, in a masteral class, a single report can last up to 30 minutes. That's maximum already. For one reporter. So imagine if I talk 30 minutes straight. So that's 3 X 55, because on average, I use "so" 55X every 10 minutes, so that's roughly 165X. Wow!!!! So, can you do that? Huh? Huhhhhh????? "

Now guys, I'm sure you can feel what I feel.



Ratz said...

I SO do get it :P

Sey said...

165X "SO" in 30 minutes? That's a lot of "SO". I have an officemate who say "tapos" in the beginning of every phrase. Imagine how does that delay the story she's telling us.

Merry Christmas Jan.

Gnetch said...

I normally start my sentences with "so" especially in writing. I don't think it's excessive using though. And I'd like to sound as conversational as possible. So yeah. That's why. Haha!

I hate when girls say, "shobrang grabe shaka nkakainish."


janjan said...

@Sey - there comes a certain point that it becomes annoying already, right?

@Gnetch - i also use SO in writing SO that makes the two of us haha!

omg, regine velasquez does that. i hate it when she speaks tagalog and trying to sound english at the same time.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

Bahahahaha I had a writing class with a girl who said, "So, like, anyway" in every other sentence.

I wanted to kick her.


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