Thursday, November 10, 2011


As early as 4AM we took off and headed our way to San Agustin, a municipal town in Surigao del Sur. It was a 3-hour drive from my hometown. Seated comfortably in the car, I could see the quite road and the lush trees sleeping in the morning mist. It was a long drive and at some point I could feel the eerie silence. Well, must be my imagination, it's gonna be Halloween in a couple of days.

Speaking of Halloween, I realized it's becoming a tradition, my personal tradition every Halloween that is, to take some time off and indulge myself in beautiful places. This year, I've decided to go to Britania, a place composed of 25 islands and islets.

With my camera and wandering feet ready, here's a glimpse of Britania.

view of the islets from afar

passed by this rocky dome on our way to Hagonoy Island

first stop : Hagonoy island

the fine sand of Hagonoy....

next stop : Naked island. Naked because its pure sprawling sandbar. Not a single tree. Even grass.

view of Hagonoy island from Naked island.

3rd stop : Hiyor-hiyoran island. It started to rain when we get there. Good thing there are trees around so I didn't get soaking wet. While my companions were busy dipping in cool waters, I had the opportunity to roam around and take many pictures.

4th stop : Buslon island. It was crowded when we get there coz most hoppers usually take their lunch here.

I took a lot of pictures and I was so mesmerized by the cupcake-shaped islands nearby.

this is a small opening beneath the rocks. It's like a cave but not sure what it's called.

Lovely place isn't it?

I had a wonderful time in Britania and the good thing was that I didn't spend much unlike in my previous travels.


Gnetch said...

Sooooooo jealous that you get to travel a lot!!! :)

Sey said...

Travel again? I'm jealous too!


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