Monday, December 26, 2011

Facebook Ethics 101

I have a love and hate relationship with Facebook.

No. Not only because they constantly change layout, but because it's become a hub of annoying, pretentious, goody-two-shoes people. Huh! Like I don't know you guys!

So what the fuck am I still doing there?

That's the love and hate story I'm talking about. Sometimes I'd really want to deactivate my account. And then I'd shove that thought aside. Sometimes I'd tell myself "no facebook for the next 30 days". Deep inside I was asking "Am I sure?". Coz really after a week I'll end up peeking at my profile.

There are certain things I about facebook...

And I have one million reasons to counter it. Here are some of those :

1. Getting friend requests from people you don't know.
Don't you have something better to do? This is not a contest of having 1000 friends on your friend list so why bother?

2. Posting your photos- close up, lifesize, portrait - at every angle!!!!
Come on! I'm pretty much interested on your background view rather than memorizing your face. I even get constipated looking at Kim Kardashian's photos (OMG, they're everywhere), how much more.... yours???

3. Photos of sensitive type.
Yes, you CAN DO anything you want coz it's your account, right? You can upload as many photos as you'd like (i just wish your browser would hang up). But please... I'm begging, think of your 'friends' who will see these photos. Do you think it's appropriate to post photos of mutilated bodies in a social network? I.DON'T.THINK.SO. I'm browsing facebook because I want some nosy information about my friends. I'm not looking for something that would make my stomach turn. Next time, if you're really a fetish of gross photos - make your own website!

4. The tell-all-status.
What's on your mind? And clearly some people have abused that question. It is alright to share your random thoughts (at least your friends would know what's going up with you, dude!), if you feel like ranting, or if you wanna post something just to let people know you still know how to use facebook. But pleaseeee...(again) do we really have to know what time you woke up? What you had for breakfast? Your itinerary for the day? That the lady in the bus has hair full of lice??? Dude. You should have been a reporter. I mean, for you to be keen on details? You have the potential.

5. The "making-us-envy" status
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know how sweet your boyfriend is, and how lucky he is to have you because you are sexy, pretty, smart (talk about narcissism) and... wait, did you just say pretty and smart? Ah... okay.

6. Filling your status with quotes.
The reason why they call it 'What's on your mind' because you have to SAY what's on your mind. So you mean you're also thinking what Albert Einstein was thinking and all the other famous authors?

7. Proposing on Facebook.
Last night I saw one who proposed. He took a picture of the ring. Posted it on his wall. Tagged his girlfriend and 21 others while saying - "(name of the girl), will you marry me?"

Awwww.... was that sweet? Nope. To me it was disgusting. Why propose on facebook? Unless you want to invite us all on the big day!

8. Using your status to attack your enemies, officemates who can't get their job done, or your boyfriend's other girl.
My god, this has become rampant. People, if you have personal issues, deal with them upfront. Ranting on FB does make you look even more coward.

9. Liking your own status.
I've said this before and I'm saying this again : "Liking your own status in FB is like high-fiving yourself in public." PATHETIC! The reason why you wrote it is because you LIKE it in the first place. So why the hell click LIKE?

10. Facebook is FACEBOOK. Not YouTube, alright?
Please... I can already make a playlist out of your video posts.

Those were few of the reasons why I want to UNFRIEND facebook sometimes.

What about you? Any similar issues?


Gnetch said...

#5 is what I hate the most!!! It's just annoying when people brag on Facebook.

Also those pretentious people. Like those people that I know in real life but they pretend to be someone else if they're on Facebook.

And yeah, those narcissistic bitches who can't get enough of their own faces. Dammit.

But I normally just hide them. Or unsubscribe to them so they don't show up on my news feed without unfriending them.

Sweta said...

you had me nodding through all of it!zomg.Bragging,liking one's own status and taking a bajillion pics of yourself and tagging me in them.HELLO?goddamnit.DIE.

Sey said...

I'm away from facebook like ages now. I read they had a new layout but never seen it personally. I'm so out of the loop :(

Yes, facebook was created for us to connect with old and new friends. I really don't understand why people have to add people they don't know and doesn't have a connection with just to increase the number of their friends. In a way it's like putting yourself in danger cause some of them might be spammers.

Facebook has been used abusively by haters posting status which aren't direct to the point. I agree with you. Why not direct the words to the person outright.

And to those who would post, blah...blah..blah @Shakeys (insert location here) making people envious but just exposing themselves to soon to be stalkers and criminals who would follow them everywhere.

Miss Sassy Pants said...



Facepalm moment.


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