Monday, October 17, 2011

The CORON Experience: Day 1 - Mt. Tapyas Trekking

This is probably the best place I've been to this year.

To say it's beautiful and scenic is totally an understatement. I've never been this nature-struck (hell yeah, that's corresponding to starstruck hehe...), leaving me awed and gaping for what seemed to be perfectly sculpted limestone cliffs and rocks, rolling hills, turquoise-clear lakes and white sand shores.

Coron is the top tourist destination in northern Palawan and is part of the Calamianes group of islands. Though it's my second time to set foot in Palawan, I couldn't contain the excitement as I boarded the plane. From Cebu, I took an hour flight to Manila, and another 45-minute flight from Manila to Busuanga, Palawan.

aerial view of Coron island

we passed through a herd of Brahman cows as we exited from the airport. The airport is about 10-12 kilometers from the town proper. And for the first 6 kilometers? You can't see anything but the vast land, cows, mountains, trees, grasses and the cemented road. No houses. Not a single soul.

that's my famous jump shot.

looking at Coron island. >>>> Me thinking : "That's where I will be... tomorrow."

we started our trek to Mt. Tapyas in the afternoon. This is the place to go if you want to have an overlooking view of the island, and of course - the sunset! But the catch is, you have to stride out the 720 steps!

Just think of the 720 steps as a warm up. Once you get to the top, you would never want to go down.

After that, we went to Maquinit hotspring to invigorate our tired feet and cramping muscles. It was a long day, but the truth is, we've just get started.


Gnetch said...

Pretty place! I wish I could go there.

Sey said...

I want to be there! Huhuhu! did you sign up for a tour guide? My God I love the first and last picture. And your jump shot, wish I could jump that high.

janjan said...

Gnetch - very pretty indeed!

Sey - I can be your tour guide when you go there haha! as for the pics, sunset and sunrise are my fave subj. and the jump shot? it isn't that high. you just have to angle your cam upward so that it would appear you jumped high. ;)


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