Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm not ever gonna give up on writing

"Hello stranger!"

Oh that's me sayin' to myself. :)

It's been two months since I've written a post and I've barely written a good one. I'm not gonna point my fingers at my growing-busy-day-everyday-at-work ( I know. Confusing right there.), but somehow life over the past days had been one hella ride. It needed me to think, rethink, assess every situation. And for that, I've unknowingly shoved blogging aside.

It's kinda frustrating too. You know when there are lot of things going on with your life and you wanna write about it but you just can't find the time and you can hardly squeeze your brain to come up with the right things to say, it gets you down and you get the feeling of being detached from the very own world that made you comfortable.

Aryt, that was a 63-word sentence right there. Good sign. Must be my writing mode kicking in.

Anyhow, nothing has changed much, except that I had my hair permanently curled (for the lack of something worthwhile to do hehehe). I've also knocked one item down on my travel list (more on that later), the heavy days at work, and the usual random experiences which I think are worth sharing.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to be back (back from the grave haha!) And oh, this is my birth month. Don't yah think this post is kinda significant?

Just sayin'... :)


Gnetch said...

Good to see you back!!!!!!!!! And yes, run-on sentences are the shit! It's awesome! That's why I do it a lot. Even in real life. Haha!

Sey said...

Welcome back Jan. I think I have an idea what's with the travel list but we look forward for updates.

Hahaha! 63 word sentence! I can almost imagine you saying it.

Simplicity at its Best said...

welcome back. from what I understand in life nothing is minor and men like curly hair lol.


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