Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Coron Experience: Day 2 - Island Loop Tour

Our second day in Coron was the most exciting. We toured the island and there were lots of activities in stored for us.

The boat was ready by 8AM. We were joined by 3 more passengers, so that makes 7 of us. Refreshments were served as we head our way to our first destination - siete pecados.

Siete Pecados or seven sins is a cluster of seven islets. The boatman switched off the motorboat engine right at the midst of the islets, lowered down the anchor and immediately we grabbed our snorkel gears and down we go.

After feeding the fish and saying "hello" to them we moved to our next stop - Kayangan Lake.

Kayangan Lake is said to be the cleanest lake in the country. We climbed a rough and rocky terrain and when we got to the top we could only feast our eyes on the magnificent view. It was uberly AMAZING!!!

We swam in the lake for like eternity. But technically speaking, I wasn't swimming - I'm floating in my lifejacket (that's what people do when they don't know how to swim so please don't judge).

We took our sumptuous lunch in a secluded beach. When I say sumptuous, I meant seafood galore!

Sampaloc Beach and it's white, fine sand

We snorkel, played with the waves and explored other spots such as Barracuda Lake, Diwata Lagoon, Twin Lagoon to name a few. The most interesting was the ship wreck. It was my first time to see a ship wreck and I could feel the goosebumps all over me. Bad thing? I don't have an underwater cam. Damn!

UPDATE : I thought of posting my expenses for the sake of those who are planning to visit Coron. This will give you a ballpark figure of how much to spend.

My expenses (in Philippine Peso) :

Tour package (3D2N) - 2,500/person (inclusive of accommodation, breakfast, buffet lunch during the island tour, airport transfers, boat, tour guide)
Airfare (cebu-manila-cebu) - 2,020
Terminal fees (airport) - 500
Airfare (manila-busuanga-manila) - 1,784
Entrance fees :
maquinit hotspring - 100
Siete pecados - 100
Kayangan lake - 200
Sampaloc beach - 100
barracuda lake - 100
twin lagoon - 100
Diwata lagoon - free
ship wreck - 100
snorkeling gear - 150
souvenir shirt (yeah i collect stuff) - 560 (Php280 x 2)
Other expenses (food, cab, etc...) - 1,000+++

Coron is quite expensive. If you like to travel Palawan on a low budget, I suggest you visit Puerto Princessa. I had a very nice time at Puerto and I must agree it's the cleanest city I've been to.


Sey said...

from now on I will not eat, I will not go the mall, I will not buy anything and I will starve myself to death just to save money for Coron. hahaha!

How much should I save to get there? huhuhu (crying). Seriously, please give a rough estimate. hahahaha!

janjan said...

Sey - girl, don't starve yourself. you need that energy to tour the PI, right? hehehe... just remember what I told you. hmmm....maybe I should write tips on cheap traveling.

I'll update this post and include the expenses so that you'll know how much to save up. :)

Gnetch said...

Okay, almost P10,000.00!!! How can I have that much money!!!

But the place is really pretty.

Sey said...

I'm here again to check the expenses! hahaha! I'm very serious in visiting Coron, but I have to save money first!

I should not really eat till next year! LOL!

Thanks Jan! I'll begin saving now.


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