Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ok fine! I stutter…errrr… stammer!

Hey I’m back!

Uhm, just thought you should know. :)

Anyhoo, I’ve been meaning to write for the past days. I have so many things to share, so much had happened but I’m too busy to log in to blogger - too exhausted to gather my thoughts, too lazy to write.

But today is different. I decided to sit down and tap my writing mode. I need to acclimatize myself once again with my comfort nook. I need to get that feeling, the need to keep my thoughts flowing and ideas growing. I need to get this stress out of me.

I wanted to write something...

Yesterday I went to school. It was the second session for my masters degree. I have 3 subjects for this semester. The first one tackles global business management, the trading system and, yes you don’t want me to start talking about it. At this early, I have a feeling I wouldn’t be interested in the topic. I mean, come on! I was never interested in economics. I was never into World Trade Organizations and how it affects oh no don't get me started! I’ll leave it up to the business-minded, to the CEOs, to the thinkers. Duh! I’m more interested in algebra and physics than studying the global economy.

When the next subject rolled in, I was more than happy to learn that it speaks my language. I took that up in college, only that it was named differently. But the principle, the framework –man, I can actually guess the next thing that the professor would say. It was like listening to my college instructor all over again. It was like re-reading the same page in the book. The only difference is that I took it on a different level now than I did before. I understood it clearly now than I do before. I guess this is what they say experience is the best teacher. I learned more in the battlefield.

The most dynamic subject of all is the effective communication. The professor made us read 9 tongue twisters. We started with “The big black bug bit a big black bear at the end of his big black nose.” It was as easy as closing our eyes. Then the fourth came with “A twister of twists, once twisted a twist, and the twist that he twisted was a three-twisted twist. Now in twisting this twist, if a twist should untwist, the twist that untwisted would untwist the twist.”

Fuck it man I couldn't finish the first line without stammering. What’s up with this twisting twister? It totally twisted my tongue! For heaven’s sake I always ended up pronouncing “twist” with “twits”. Damn you twitter. I secretly hate you now. You’re the culprit!!!

The last one was even harder, (for me) “A tooter who tooted a flute tried to tutor two tutors to toot. Said the two to the tutor, ‘Is it harder to toot or to tutor two tutors to toot?

I hate you letter TTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

Then the professor said we will play a game. A challenge of who is the best tongue twister(er) in the class. The student who can read all nine with the least time and less stammering will get a free handbook (which she had written, of course). So when she looked at me, I abruptly told her: “nah, I’ll just pay for the book.”

And she laughed so hard.

I'd rather sing than do the tongue twisting.


Gnetch said...

Oh gawd, I am SO bad at tongue twisters too!!!

Ratz said...

Oh my gee... This is so so tough. I tried and I think now my tongue needs some rest. Sighs. However, i like that you are doing what you wanted to do. All the best with the degree Jan.

Anonymous said...

I am not good at tongue twisters too! Yay for you on your masters degree!

Sey said...

Oh my, I'm worst at tongue twister. Good luck to your master's degree


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