Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3 IDIOTS (were not idiots after all)

I've never watched a Bollywood movie before. Probably because it is not widely available in the country and also because I'm not familiar with the actors (yes, I find it easier to go through the whole movie if I know their names).

When my friend told me about this top grossing comedy film in India, I was kinda reluctant to watch it at first coz I don't know what to expect. Yet again, curiosity got the better of me. Besides, I watched Korean, Thai and French movie for the past week so why not try Hindi (it's Hindi, right?) this time.

3 Idiots. Fom the title itself, you're sure to guess that's indeed comic. Well thanks to subtitles I was able to enjoy and understand the whole story fully well. You just have to read fast coz the lines will fade out in a second haha! But some lines are in English.

The movie begins with Farhan and Raju's journey in search of their lost friend Rancho, whom they haven't heard a word from after they graduated in College some 10 years ago. Then enter flashbacks of those good old days when they were still striving engineering students. It depicts the "craziness" of the engineering world, the prayers uttered and promises said to gods just to PASS the subject, their adventures and their only villain - the College Director a.k.a Virus.

Beneath the hilarious scenes and funny lines is an epic tale of friendship who have stood the test of time. First half of the movie I was laughing hard. Favorite funny scenes? The wedding, the speech during the teacher's day, their first day at school and the classroom scenes, one where the professor asked for the definition of Machine. I can't contain my laughter when their classmate literally recited the definition, word for word, memorized the textbook including 'etc.' hahaha! I remembered a college classmate who was a trying-hard-smart-ass.

Although the second half was not as hilarious as the beginning, it will make you contemplate on the movie's message. Each character have their own issues that they must face head on. There were crossroads and detours. But Rancho summed it up : "Make your passion your profession and success will chase you - pants down."

What I like about the movie is the witty humor. It was natural and heartwarming. The cast were really good and the plot superb. It's hard to be entertained nowadays without taking on nonsense, offensive, toilet humor. I'd say this is one of the best comedy film I've seen.


Ratz said...

My dear Jan, We differ in opinion for once.

Nuna said...

i have to see this!


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