Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Profile of the HATER

So. As you know I have a hater. *clap, clap, clap* I'm quite a celebrity duh! Flatter me some more (hahahaha!)

It all started 2 weeks ago. An unregistered number keeps ringing my phone. The thing is, I don't answer anonymous caller right away. So when the dumb bitch (let's call her that for purpose of reference) texted why am I not answering my phone, I took it as a sign to pick the call the next time my phone rings. And when I did, the dumb bitch on the other line won't talk. No single evidence of someone trying to do a conversation. Just silence. And silence.

I got pranked. Tsk, shame on me!

Then she keeps on calling which has become annoying so I sent her a trashy text message "who the fuck is this?"

And she replied : "Just a fucking bitch like you".

Whooahh!!! Did she just try to scare my wits off? Sadly, NO! I've heard enough people calling me bitch so it's not kind of new to me. Just a suggestion: try slutty. It might work. Yeah, slutty bitch. I'd like that (smiling).

Now where was I?

Since this dumb bitch started this face off match, then I'm not going to take this lightly. Guess what missy, a garbage text deserves a more garbage reply. You didn't think you're the only one good at this or did you? Now that's SHAME on YOU!

A couple more replies had me figured I'm not going to win coz I don't know her identity and she wouldn't tell me (that's obvious) and I'm pretty sure she'll do what she can to hide herself. So let's just wait for the truth to come out. I did not bother to reply anymore.

Her messages continued the following day and I really really wanted to hit the reply button and slap her with her own shit. But doing that would make me worse than her. I'd just read her text, type my reply and save it in my draft. Arrggh!

One thing I learned about my hater is that we probably work in the same company. Apart from the fact that she knows my job, she told me she sees me everyday. She's also in my circle of friends coz she knows where I come from. She's probably between 25-30 years old, not yet married and maybe lives alone. Why? Because she disturbs me at the wee hours of the evening. Maybe she can't sleep, she doesn't have someone to talk to, she's bored and she's ENVIOUS.

I'm near to unveiling this mystery she's created and once I get to know her I swear I'll make her regret messing up with the wrong person. And she's trying to pull off another scheme... After I blocked her number, she used another one. Hmmm nice try. Now I blocked all numbers that aren't in my phonebook. Bring on some of your schemes bitch and I can surely find ways to counter them. I'm brilliant like that! (well, that's what my mother thinks hehehe...)


Gnetch said...

Oh. Haters are pathetic!!! Remember the friend's ex-girlfriend I told you about when you were here? She did the same to me! They are borderline stalker. Oh crazy people.

Sey said...

Oh-Em-Gee! where the hell did she came from.. I gasped with the possibility that she's from the same circle of friends and worst the same company. I had a feeling she's jealous with the promotion you had...that's the only reason I could think of. Well, she's pathetic.

I have an idea, uhmmm, dress well always and always be in your good mood so that she'll be annoyed more. I'm getting excited with the fact that you're about to discover her real identity. That made me wanna grab her hair!!!

janjan said...

Gnetch - yes I remember that. These kind of people are scared of confrontation and so they'll do it behind the celphone. ahhh not so cool.

Sey - at first I really thought she had mistaken me for another person. but when she started dropping this little information, that gave me the hint that she's just around me.


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