Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things That Would Make Me Look Like An Idiot

I'm not the smartest girl in the world but I try not to fall short on people's expectations. And sometimes my superhuman powers a.k.a. multitasking abilities do wear off when I'm too tired and stressed. Well, I'm just human.

About 70% of my job is correspondence. Most of the time my boss would ask me to proofread or write/reply an e-mail on his behalf. Now would he entrust those things to me if he finds out my e-mail bloopers lately? I bet he will have second thoughts.

I don't know why I have this non-focused mode lately. So if you spot inconsistency, incoherence, misspelling and wrong choice of words and phrases in this post, that's the non-focused mode I'm trying to say, slowly kicking in.

So. On to my bloopers. E-mail bloopers. I have a lot actually but these two had been haunting me in my sleep and I will never ever forgive myself for this. You see, when I type in the computer I look at the monitor. Not on the keyboard. The reason for this is to avoid misspelling and so that I can review what I'm writing right away. What happens during the last few days is that I'm not actually reading what I'm typing. It's more like looking straight into the monitor but seeing past through it.

Blooper # 1 :
I typed : His assport is with me.
That should be : His passport is with me.

Blooper # 2:
I typed : He went to the hospital to tender the injured partners.
That should be : He went to the hospital to tend to our injured partners.

Aside from misspelling and wrong word choice, what's the difference?

The first one was sent internally and is obviously a case of misspelling. Besides, the three recipients will just laugh at the 'assport' word. I'm not perfect you know, but I created a new word that will line up with 'asshole', 'assbag', 'ass', and 'kick my ass'. Whatever!

The second one... Well this, this caused the nightmare in my sleep. I was cracking my brains if I really wrote 'tender' instead of 'tend' when I went to bed. I immediately retrieved my sent items folder when I sat at my office chair the following day. And there I saw, re-read my email, and for the first time I could make out the grim expression of my face reflecting on my screen. Ohmygod what a shame! Seriously, tender the injured partners? What are they? MEAT???! Arrrrgh!

And the worst part? I sent them to our Operations Director in the US and Europe. Daaaammmmmnnnnn!!!!!

For half a second I want to blame my boss for asking me to send that e-mail. He was suppose to have a conference call with these guys but he was in a hurry to go to the hospital. And who was I to say, "no"?

There! I have completely made an idiot out of myself. I wonder what will these people think of me (sighs).

And when you insist on texting someone who doesn't bother or too busy to reply coz maybe that someone has completely and utterly forgotten you is also a serious case of STUPIDITY. Well, I'm gonna pass on that. To HELL with you!


Sweta said...

Lol don't worry girl.. I "ass" myself out ALL the time :D The Queen of typos xD..I'm famous for that.Mostly because I have so much confidence in my typing that I never stop to check before I hit enter. lol...
And inspite of realizing it..
It never changes :P

Gnetch said...

Hahaha. You're not alone. I do make typos all the time!!! Even on Twitter. Which makes it embarrassing because everyone sees it!!! Sometimes, I get too embarrassed that I would delete the tweet even though I know it's too late!! :)

Sey said...

You know what, I was on hot seat last February because of the typo errors I made with the letters I sent to our clients. I was so devastated and hopeless, and thought of resigning. I contemplated, then eventually everything passed and now I am back to normal. Don't take it too hard on yourself. It happens to everyone. Cheer Up!

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

natawa ko sa "his assport is with me" ang kulit....


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