Monday, April 15, 2013

To All Those Who Keep On Asking When I'm Gonna Tie The Freaking Knot...? READ THIS!!!

That probably is the lengthiest title I've ever come up with. But, what the hell?!

I'm sure you already have an idea what this rant post is all about.

When I went home for my mother's birthday last month, I was overwhelmed to see my cousins, aunts and uncles from my mother's side. I don't see them that often coz I don't go home that much. And whenever I do, I don't spend most of my time with them.

But, "Overwhelmed" turned into "hmmm-i-don't-like-this-type-of-conversation-so-everyone-please-stop-it-before-i-go-haywire-and-kill-you-off".

Coz you know what? They were all asking me - each one of them - the bazillion dollar question : When am I going to get married?

Other similar questions include:
>>>Why are you still single? Is there something wrong with you? - Honestly, I can hear them even in their silence. I've acquired Edward Cullen's mind-hearing ability just so you know!
>>Are you married already?

And the worst question?

>>>Do you have children?

Aryt, lemme get this straight... I know I'm not in my best shape right now but it doesn't mean I've had bore kids with this body. Will you please stop stereotyping?

First, I took it as a joke. Then as a compliment (them showing concern for my well-being - ehem!). Until it became a nuisance, a disgusting version of "how are you?", annoying, extremely downright unbecoming, and I couldn't help but mumble what is wrong with you people?

I get pissed off and insulted when people keep on asking that stupid question again and again and again like getting married is ALL THAT MATTERS.

If being married is the next best thing to internet, no one would have ever invented divorce.

Don't get me wrong. I dreamt of walking down the aisle one day. But if it's not for me, then I'm not gonna cry and lock myself in solitude just because of some people's notion that being single is pathetic! Being married is both a choice and a decision. The same logic applies if I wanted to stay single for now. Being married is not a measure of how you fared in life, in your career, in your journey. But being single can get me to most places, even to the promotion ladder. Being married is not the be all and end all of being a woman. But I believe being single is. Because you do things for your self, you get things done all by your self, you feel happy and contented with your self. And most of all, you can be happy and live your own life with your self.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having someone in your life. But surely there is something WRONG with people who think that a woman like me should join the marriage bandwagon because that is the rightful thing to do.

Oh crap! This is the 21st century...

From which era are you?

And hey! I'm not totally single. I'm with someone. And were totally happy even without the paper.


Gnetch said...

Oh I feel you, girl. My relatives are the same. They keep asking me when am I going to get married AND then ask my age. And they go like, "WHAT??? YOU SHOULD GET MARRIED!" And the worst part is that I'm still single. I don't have anyone to show them, "Look, someone appreciates me. It's just that I don't have plans to get married yet." Haha.

But yeah, I feel you. It's annoying. I hate it when I get asked that.

Oh, and about Facebook, I'll send you a DM or probably E-mail you. It's a long story. :)

Jackie Burkhart said...

Families are ALWAYS like that and getting married is very important for a lot of people, including me. But I wouldn't hold it against someone for CHOOSING to stay single. It's ultimately their life and what they want to do with it.

I guess you should just listen to them, nod your head and forget about it when you get out of there!! You don't HAVE to get married just to please your family.. :P


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