Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Lie at the Big Night

February 13, 2010 : The much awaited Big Night of the PBB Double Up. After 4 months of being a faithful follower of this reality show, here I am anxiously sitting on the living room, knees prop up, eyes glued on the boob tube, waiting for the big event to unfold. Early on I have consumed all efforts to save my bet, my one and only big winner - nope, not the MELASON tandem, but Paul Jake Castillo. Yes! I'm declaring this and it's official, I'm one of his huge supporters.

I was actually planning to join the rest of the Pauljakers at Cebu City Hall right infront of Magellan's cross for the live point. But I figured there'll be throngs of peopele so I backed off at the last minute and conveniently stayed at home. Having been watched almost all of PBB's finale, I knew it would be long before midnight when the winner will be finally announced. Good thing there were only a few production numbers so the results were up at 10:30PM.

First they announced the fifth big placer. I knew it's gonna be Tibo but I'm silently praying Johan's name will be called. I noticed PJ seemed to be preparing to stand up. Does he seriously think he got the least votes among the big five? C'mon PJ, if you only knew how your supporters fought and spent those hard-earned money just to get you to the top spot.

Then came the announcement for the fourth big placer. Not a single doubt in my mind that it's gonna be Johan, and yes, there he goes. Now it's only between Jason, PJ and Melai. I'm nervous, sweating, edgy on my seat like I'm testifying for a sensational court trial. If this is gonna be the worst night as in PJ comes out as third placer, I'm sure as hell that I'm gonna put a bullet on their head. Oh I'm just kidding. I'm no bloody criminal and I don't wanna be on trial contrary to what I said earlier. And they're prolonging my agony. Gosh why do they have to do this??? And... yes! Jason got the third place yeehhheeeyyy!!! I jumped off my seat like some lunatic idiot. Prior to that, I'm seriously thinking about rallying my sentiments if ABS had deliberately manipulated the result.

So it's now down to PJ and Melai. Though I have expected this scene, the jittery feeling is getting worse. Somewhere deep in my recesses knew that Melai will get away with the title but a part of me is still hoping that God will hear my silent prayer. Dear Lord just let it be PJ and I can go peacefully in my slumber. Hearing the result I couldn't be more upset, disappointed and disheartened. Melai indeed won the title. She's the big winner. And my PJ (my??? where did it come from?) was second to her. For a moment I couldn't move, my sight went pass to the television screen, I slumped to my seat feeling weak.

I was in denial. I absolutely can't believe it's happening. When Paul Jake walked through the stage charming as ever donning his killer smile, receiving the huge check, hugging his parents and his girlfriend, thanking his supporters, I couldn't care less. He looked soooo happy and contented. Guess I should learn to accept it and be happy as well. He may not have won the title but he won the hearts of the many who were inspired by him, moved by his passion and unyielding determination. After all, what matters is how you perceive that person when he showcased himself inside the house... and that makes him my one true BIG WINNER.

To PJ, I know you won't be able to read this post. We haven't met (though we're treading on the same ground), you don't know me and I don't know you personally too, but you served as my inspiration. To see you in flesh is probably the most outrageous wish I've ever made.

To the Pauljakers, I've said this already and I'm saying it again, it's a well-fought battle and like the rest of you, I'm proud of PJC!



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