Friday, January 29, 2010

forgot my account

I always prided myself for being unforgetful about usernames and passwords on every account I make - be it e-mail addresses, social networks account, software applications log-in, internet banking, and even on this one. I haven't visited my blogsite for awhile and when I attempted to do so, I could not remember whether I was using my gmail or yahoo account.

So first I tried my yahoo account since it's my primary e-mail address and I always make it a point to use it if not all, then most of my internet-related activity. But opppsss!! Can't get through. Ok, maybe I mistyped the password so let's try again. Hmmm... maybe I was using a different password on this one. Heck! Didn't work.

Since the log-in box said to sign in with your google account, I typed in my gmail address and still couldn't get through. Alright.... focus, think, think, think hard!

I scoured my inbox trying to retrieve that confirmation message saying I have successfully created an account and this is my password. But even that I can't find. Now I'm asking myself, "was there really a confirmation from the site?"

Now let's move on...

To make things easier for me, I created a new account and bid bye-bye to the blogs I had posted in my previous account. As a way of reminding myself that I should not curse when people forget their usernames and passwords, I decided to write about "when my memory faltered" as my first entry, with the hope this time my memory won't suck anymore.

P.S. to me:

In case I want to re-read my previous posts, I can always go to this site :

P.S. to the reader:

This is a re-post since I was able to gain access on my first account - which is this one!



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