Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hahahaha MIAMI

Yesterday was a treat to all NBA fans in the Philippines. The nationwide holiday (no more excuses to come in late for work) was just perfect timing to catch Game 3 between San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat.

I had the feeling it was going to be Spur's game considering home court advantage. But I didn't expect it was going to be a MASSACRE, slol! (secretly laughing out loud).

Wait. Before YOU (yes you) die-hard Miami fans threw a ball at me, I just want people to know that I'm rooting for HEAT. And if they lose, I would lose a huge amount as well cause I'm putting my bet on them even if I don't like them that much... errrr I don't like them at all!

Back in the 90s, I'm a huge fan of His Airness Michael Jordan.  So that makes me a Bull fan. But when Michael retired, I've been missing a lot on NBA games since then. It was only few years ago when I regained my love for basketball. And it was then that I start to watch the game though not as frequent as before.

Now with all these MIAMI - LeBron hype I could not put myself off and get left behind in the NBA bandwagon. When the finals rolled in and it's just between Spurs and Heat, I unwillingly sided for Heat because I believe they have the experience, ability, advantage and endurance. Plus the fact that J dislikes Heat so much makes it more interesting. I just wanted to annoy her that's it. Besides, watching basketball game with someone on the opposing team is so much fun!

Okay back to the ball game...

I can't believe spurs threw in a hefty 36-point (or 37... i don't know i lost count) lead against Miami. And the worst? The universe seemed to conspire. Though Parker didn't shine through the whole game, well, his teammates did. Green and Neal were throwing 3-point shots like nuts and drove the crowd crazy.

It was a sad day for Miami fans. But who knows, Game 4 would be theirs.  And SERIOUSLY they have to win it! They need to shape up and get their ass up back in the game.

Good luck for tomorrow's game Miami. Come on Heat let's do it!



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