Friday, January 6, 2012

And So I Realized There's Something GOOD Left In Me

I did something good today...

That kind of thing I don't "normally" do...

I texted my estranged friend...

" I just wanna say sorry for everything. I realized how far apart we've grown because of my stupid pride. Hope we could still be friends after all."

The last time I checked, I've eaten my breakfast and had my coffee. I also had a good sleep. But I don't know why I suddenly missed her.

We've been friends for many years. We took care of each other like sisters do. She has been a good friend to me until that heated discussion and my pride got in the way. We have not been talking for more than a year. All those times I secretly loathe her. And I don't know why.

All the people around us have been trying to help patch our differences. But I won't flinch. I stood my ground. I made a firm resolve that I don't wanna be friends with her anymore.

And that is why I don't know what happened to me this morning. For the rarest time, I swallowed my pride.

She did not reply though and I understand coz I hurt her too much. What's important is that I've set off my grudge on her - finally.


Gnetch said...

Awww... So nice of you. I wish my former best friend does that to me to. I mean, we do talk but she hasn't admitted to everyone what really happened. As far as our other friends are concerned, it's still my fault. Been waiting for a "sorry" for like, what, 3 years...?

So yeah. Not gonna happen.

And you're right. What's important is that you've said sorry. The rest is up to your friend. Good luck. :)

Sey said...

Maybe you missed her much and the feeling was long hidden in your subconcious mind. It's a heartwarming feeling that you're able to patch the difference ( not at all yet) but you were able to say the words so that, things between the two of you can get better if not go back to the normal old days. You did the best thing :) Everything is all up to her now.


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